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I tailor my work to each writer’s needs and stage in the writing process, serving as editor, consultant, advisor, coach, mentor, private tutor, or literary midwife as needed.

Many writers find it useful to have a dedicated editor or writing coach as they grapple with their writing and strive to finish a piece of work. Sara Taber helps aspiring writers make their writing what they want it to be, and helps them get the writing done that they want to get done.

She provides a range of services, including editing, book-shaping, book proposal design, and consultation in finding the key emotional story. She also provides structure, assignments, and coaching to help writers complete their writing projects.

For those who prefer to work on their writing on a one-to-one basis, rather than via a writing class, she offers one-on-one coaching and MFA-level consultation.

Basic Editing

Editorial help with voice; form; structure; use of concrete detail; language; mix of scene, summary & musing; inclusion of exposition, historical material, and sense of time & place; and other matters of craft

Book Shaping

Advice to help writers realize their vision, focus, and shape their work

Book Proposal Design

Consultation to help writers put together book proposals that show off their writing and effectively communicate a book’s focus and

Finding the Emotional Story

Guidance to help writers clarify and illuminate the emotional story at the heart of their work

Structure, Assignments, & Coaching

Consultation to help writers structure their time, create a schedule and plan for their writing, and, through one-time or regular appointments, provide readings and discussion of their work, to help them keep moving and get their writing done