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Born Under an Assumed Name: Resources for English Teachers

for class discussion or writing

What is this story about? What was the author’s intention?

What is the basic structure of Born Under an Assumed Name? Why do you think the author chose this structure? What other choices might she have made?

What are the pivotal moments in Taber’s story? How does she highlight them?

What does Taber show in scenes? Why are the scenes, scenes?

How does Taber SHOW and TELL?

How does Taber use place description? Why is this important to her?

Where does she use concrete detail and specificity to make her story vivid?

How does she use the senses to bring her experience to life?

Voice: What is Taber’s “signature” as a writer? How would you describe the sensibility behind the work?

How does Taber use metaphor and simile?

Select a section of summary or exposition. Does she explain things or convey information in an interesting way? If so, how?

Where and at what points does Taber muse? Is this effective?

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